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Welcome to Seattle Hill Nails and Spa. We only carry the top brand for our clients. Our prefer products are Tu'eL, O.P.I, and CND. To purchase these products, just give us a call, one of our licensed techs can assist you to select the right product lines. You will not be disappointed.

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CND Products

At Seattle Hill Nail and Spa, we carry various  CND product categories.
If you have any questions about which Shellac product to use, just let us know as we have licensed nail techs that are Shellac educators.


Tu'eL Vitamin Line Dry Skin
This skin type is primarily characterized by small pores, it not product sensitive, lacks of the ability to produce sebaceous oil and easily becomes dehydrated. It may have underlying congestion and may also be flaky.

Tu'eL Azulene Line Combination and Oily Skin
This skin type shows two different textures covering 1/3 to 1/2 of the face, and appears to have medium to large pores. It may be congested and dehydrated due to improper home care. It needs balancing of oil production without dehydration.


Tu'eL Purifying Line Impure Skin
Impure skin can be dry, combination or oily, and any age with visible and constant breakouts. Many times this skin is extremely dehydrated and irritated due to improper care or products that are harsh. Home care and professional treatments along with diet counseling are an absolute necessary.

Tu'eL Chamomile Line Dry-Reactive Skin
This skin has some of the same properties as dry skin, small pores, possibly congested, easily dehydrated and irritated and reacts to products.


Tu'eL Regenerative Line Mature Skin
Mature skin is dry, combination oily or dry-reactive that has aged. Tanned skin at any age is considered mature. Mature skin with impurities will use the Purifying Line.

O.P.I Products
OPI is simply the best nail care line on the market today. A Beautiful, well-groomed nail is an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. Check Out our line of OPI Nail Polish and Treatments at Seattle Hill Nails and Spa.



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